Synchronize Data From Different Platforms Enterprise Wide While Maintaining Military-Grade Security

AdaptiveID understands how frustrating and difficult it is to get your software applications to talk while maintaining military-grade security

Combine and synchronize data from different software platforms without expensive and complicated software and upgrades

Securely connect data across sales, marketing, finance, human resources, and operations platforms, including identity data

Connect, combine, consolidate data to use in applications and in reporting tools

Managing Data Across Your Organization is Hard

  • You have software platforms that drive your sales, marketing, finance, human resources, and operations aspects of your business. So often, these platforms aren’t connected.
  • Synchronizing data between these platforms is often complicated because not all systems have APIs, connectors, or security protocols.
  • You spend an inordinate amount of time manually connecting data and trying to use or report on the data between systems.
  • Synchronizing data often requires expensive developers or software upgrades and this may make regular updates between systems difficult or impossible.
  • It gets even more difficult when the software operates on differing cloud and on premises infrastructures.
  • All of this leaves you thinking, “Isn’t there an easier way?”

Introducing AdaptiveID DATA BRIDGE

The easy and secure solution to connect, synchronize, and use data between platforms.

AdaptiveID DATA BRIDGE is an easy to implement, platform neutral, middleware solution that enables secure connections between software applications by the data they access by synchronising the data they access.


Platform Neutral (Windows, Linux)


Synchronize between any software platforms, and perform data transformations


Used in highly secure military and government environments

With AdaptiveID DATA BRIDGE you can automate the process of connecting, synchronizing and using your data.

  • AVOID having to manually update reports with data from different systems
  • AVOID having to buy expensive software upgrades
  • AVOID having to hire expensive software developers to connect your data and make it useful
  • AVOID a lack of visibility by providing centralized logging

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About AdaptiveID DATA BRIDGE

  • Allows you to connect to, synchronize, transform, and harmonize data across multiple platforms.
  • Designed to synchronize data between systems in difficult environments, such as
    • No open APIs
    • Flat files (CSV)
  • Is platform neutral (Windows and Linux) and data repository independent
  • Works on-prem and in the cloud
  • Built in Java
  • Easy to automate and maintain
  • Offers military-grade security
  • Synchronizes automatically when the network recovers after an outage.

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