How to Securely Connect and Synchronize Data Across Your Enterprise

and enable software applications to talk to each other

The volume of data we create each year continues to grow rapidly. According to Forbes, the amount of data in the world doubles every two years, and the pace is increasing, not decreasing. By 2025, data volume will double every 12 hours, which means we could be half as smart when we wake up each morning as we were when we fell asleep the night before.

Data Connection and Synchronization Challenges

If your organization is like most, data is stored and managed on a variety of platforms that drive different business operations such as sales, marketing, finance and human resources. Unfortunately, these platforms are not connected and do not always “play nicely” with one another. This makes it difficult to compile and consolidate information so you can use it to make decisions. You can probably remember times when you wasted hours trying to find data that was trapped in a platform but could not find it because that platform did not integrate with another platform.

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AdaptiveID DATA BRIDGE allows you to synchronize, connect and transform data across all types of platforms and systems in any situation, including:

  • Environments with no open APIs or flat files (CSV)
  • Multi-platform environments (Windows and Linux)
  • Diverse types of data repositories
  • IT environments where data and software apps are stored on-prem and in the Cloud
  • Highly secure environments such as defense and military installations

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